Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Time Stands Still..

.. After spending the evening away from home yesterday, I came home to find that my close cousin had just had an almighty car accident only moments before hand.

I called him instantly and thankfully he had left the car with nothing more than shaking hands and perhaps a new way of looking at things.

This photo was taken by him, as I only had my phone and it wont sync with my computer, but I will load some up when it decides it might start to work.

We then took her to the scrap yard where he was given a reasonably decent sum of money to lay her to rest.

Sometimes luck can take one by surprise in the most shocking of ways.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Caribbean Theme Party...

...With pirate fancy dress code, though not a Pirates of the Caribbean themed party.
Odd perhaps or is one just in denial, yet neither answers happen to be the case.

This was an utterly spontaneous project that I have been working on over the past few weeks.

A friend of mine, one that I have known for many years, called me up absolutely riddled with excitement, as she always appears to be, and proposes the idea for a party that incorporates some of the culture she had just been subjected to, when visiting friends in St Vincent, Caribbean.

She is leaving the valley to move to the coast and wanted everyone to get involved and make her send off quite unforgettable.

I instantly rose to the challenge, as I find nothing more fascinating than bringing ideas into reality and my love for that entire culture just captures me in fixation every time I see or hear something new.

So planning went ahead and after copious amounts of lists and idea reels and visits to the venue - ( a house named the old mill, that is owned by an incredibly nice family and sits half over a river and half on dry land, with a division in the center that provides and island style environment ) - and frantic emails and phone calls, the week finally arrives for it all to fall into place.

And here I introduce Jaqui, A savior some might say, cousin of Juliet's ( the hostess ) She allowed me to stay with her for the best part of the 06 summer, at her residency in Southern California.

Jaqui arrived on Wednesday afternoon and this is when the pace went from minimal pottering around to full throttle grueling long hours, for the next three days.

We worked from sun up to sun down to produce the best possible night we could have for Juliet and quite frankly I don't think it could have gone better.

Here are a few photos from just before the arrival of the guests.

Calm Before The Storm..

The Studio Front (where the majority of activity took place)

The Mills Side, complete with river reflections

The Tree Out Front Of The Studio, housing the three star lanterns.

Just One perspective Of The More Than Incredible Flower Arrangements.

One Of The Palms, complete with lights and backed by the star struck tree.

Some Watering Cans Used Wisely To Cover Obnoxious Cables.

Capturing The Tropical Essence, With Plenty Of Wild Rain Forest Foliage.

Warning Sign Courtesy Of Ruby Dane, Again Another Incredible Helper.

And Finally Another Shot Of Some Of The Flowers From A Different P.O.V

I wish to thank absolutely everyone that was involved in making this party happen, that includes all the guests, for without you and you're more than incredible effort, this would never have been the success that is was.

The entire crew that helped the party continue to run smoothly throughout the night.

And of course the Marsh family, for without them, there would not have been a party at all.