Friday, 26 September 2008

There has been many a unruly death throughout the period of time that man has been apparent upon the face of the earth.
Yet there remains to this day, no death so unruly as that of the humble Gentleman.

Monday, 22 September 2008


Another infatuation.
Indeed, another.
What will it take to redeem a sense of sanity, for loosing my feet to love is as consistent as the second is to the minute.
I have waited long enough to put words to you, though every time I have tried, I've had nothing.
I cannot quite get my head around all that is you, yourself and your addictive nature.
Sleepless lovers, hand in hand, embrace the night.
This is where we escape.
Oh ever faithful words.
Oh most forgiving letters, your faces may have begun to fade, though your strength and memorised positioning most certainly hold longevity.
Why is it, that I must loose my way with you?
But also, loose myself within you.
When well strung, you are most hypnotic, like those eyes, those hazel glazed, dark, dark eyes that scream silently and represent the epitome of enticing beauty.
Oh but words, how you also wage wars.
Such power, with which comes great trouble, let alone responsibility.
For the horrifying act of pretentiousness, is one most unattractive feat,
Yet it constantly holds a place within your related politics.
And it is this, and singularly this, that drives me away.
No matter how incredible you are, no matter where on earth or other, you take me,
you will always be tainted by the opinion of another, and when it comes to defending yourself, you fail me.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

This is where they breed, they thrive here, within the despicable darkness.
Stank, heavy and hazy air.
The tar like texture, that, which grates morbidly as it hits the back of your throat and paints your lungs blacker than the this place in which they reside.
I crossed vision paths with one once, and what a sickening experience was this.
For an entire soul could be murdered within seconds of an eye to eye lock on.
Just to be within the presence of such horrifying creatures is enough to drive any man to the depths of insanity.
But as survivors go, I myself am one, for I gave back just as they gave forth, yet harder and far more unpleasant.
This is the return of justice, of disgust for the unquestionably appalling life form that is, you.


Craning my neck back, I feel the pain of beauty as I bask in awe and admiration of the perfection that is, she.
The eyes of a goddess and aura of an angel, her selected height of residency subliminally states to me the unlikelihood & unavailability that I face, if ever I were to pursue the urge to confess this uncontrollable love I possess.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Dieu Et Mon Droit

The rain, how it falls so selectively, from the clouds, those black, angered clouds.
The walls, the division between you and I, and the rest of the surrounding worlds perils.
A queue in which I must stand, with others, of whom hold no comparison whatsoever to myself.
A social collective of wrongdoers and done, three to one, as we converse over a dwarf sized coffee table.
This is your face, as it lights up upon the realistation that I, your loyal friend, have taken time out of my day, to make this visitation a possibility . And this is the smile upon my face, as I realise that you are still well, still you, still baring the heart of gold that you had when we first met.
This is the tone of your voice, that tells me that all is as okay as it can be, and your sense of humor, that makes you, you.
The sun begins to shine through the weathered and filthy windows, between the rusted bars and into our conversation.
I will leave here with the knowledge engraved in my head and heart that you will pass through this period and exit quite simply the better man.
For now, my friend, this is goodbye, as I up and leave the room, turning back only to watch the smile leave your face, yet remain prominent within you.
I miss you friend.
You have my heart.