Thursday, 21 February 2008


.... Early this afternoon, en route to get some ice cream, I received a call from Ben, he was calling for a catch up / up date on things.

After talking business as we do best, he mentioned that someone had done a write up on one of the videos I have posted on my youtube channel.

I'm so stoked that someone would even so much as take the time to watch it let alone write a piece on it.

Here is the link to the post

Thank you so much to Mark at Imprint TALK.



Sunday, 17 February 2008

Previous Week...

.... Consisted of minimal sleep, a lot of parties, plenty of socialising and maximum inspirational intake.

Kesh: I went for a casting with web infamous designer KESH for her Topman show on friday.
I believe the BBC were filming a documentary on the whole ordeal also, so both meeting her and seeing this was quite something.
Sadly I didn't make it into the show but spoke to her again on Friday night at the Trapstar party and had some ideas.

5star is such a super good dude, So thank you no end for hooking us up with guestlist to the parties.
It was most appreciated through and through and gave me the chance to see how London does it when it comes to streetwear.
Incredibly inspiring and endlessly fun, again sometime I do hope.

Cool Kids: As anyone that reads this will have seen I did a remix of one of the Cool Kids songs not so long ago, So to finally get to see them and chill was such a great feeling. Props to chuck for his avid interest in the Squad and I hope you enjoy your sweater.
They absolutely killed it both nights despite the hiccups involving sound on friday and the minimal sets.

London: The capital city. So much hype surrounds this place and even though I can see why, I just cant get myself to grips with being able to handle it.
Perhaps its the instant headaches from the putrid air, or the black excrescence that appears in the tissue every time you blow your nose, maybe its the physicological stone in weight that I felt I lost after returning home and showering.
Whatever it is I am yet to figure it out, so my opinion remains entirely fifty fifty.

Shauny P: Always a pleasure to share company with you, and an endless thanks for putting myself and Ben up, apologies for the lack of loo roll, but you know the deal with 'sniffles'

Ben Normanton: Loyal business partner/lolzord. Can't really being to list the amount of rad things you bring to the table. But you know exactly how it is man. 08 FTW.
The World Is Ours.

And some photos to end on.