Sunday, 8 June 2008

Dearly Beloved..

And here ends the night of happy faces,
The smiles of understanding and tears of joyous celebration.
Though the eyes remain welled up, tears of joy become tears of sorrow.
For news from afar brings darkness.
A familiar face wears an expression entirely new.
One that you would never have thought to have seen.
These are dark days, for we should never be buried before our guardians.
Eternally my heart goes out to you.
Sufferers and the affected.
Mourn in peace.
Rest in peace.
You're free now, you're no longer a prisoner to this hell.

And We've Become...

I once had a friend.
He shone over every other, a vibrant character.
Though where has he gone
What has he become.

Of late, I saw said friend.
He had gone no further than where I had last seen him.
He had become no more, but less the character he ever was.

So long friend .

I don't pity thee, though I feel for ye.

I should have seen it all along, and thrown the arms of saving grace out for one.

Does this make me for worse?

I ask of you.