Saturday, 20 December 2008


Here I am, alone again, lost within the city of romance.
The buildings, the streets, the air itself, saturated with the intensity of L'amour.
Oh how I long for you.

Saturday, 13 December 2008


Not once have I laid eyes upon a creation as incredible.
Not once.
Be it editorial or cold hard reality.
There stands an angel before me.
Yet an angel in a room of devils.
Primitive devils with their intentions carved into their foreheads.
They're all the same.
Oh how you must be so weary of the reoccurring similarities you inevitably encounter at every turn.
So I shall merely stand here, spontaneously locking eyes with you. At that moment, nothing else in this room matters.
No sound other than the solid pounding of my heart, not a surrounding sight, just the perfection that stands before me.
Oh how your eyes perform.
How they speak without words.
How wondrous secrecy is within these undesirable circumstances.
But perhaps I am deluded, perhaps all that I have said means only what it does to me and is simply a proposturous misenturpretation of the language of our eyes.
Perhaps a wishful thought is as much as I shall ever have to reflect upon.
But before you leave, please accept this key, it simply resembles the fact that you have my heart.
Au Revoir.