Sunday, 26 July 2009

Darling, sweetest maiden that you are.
I am afraid to say that you have well and truly taken control of me.
Just to so much as gaze at the photo of you that I keep with me at all times, is enough to send my grounded sense of stability into an uncontrollable ethereal orbit.
I rest my head at night, longing for your lips to seal mine goodnight.
I wake to the tragic reality that your body beside mine was nothing more than a stab into the cruel darkness of vivid dreams.
There is nothing I want more at this moment in time, than for you to take my hand and walk at my side, so I may secure the knowledge that you are my lady, and I may show your almighty greatness to the world, as it looks on in awe.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Alpha Hotel.


What could possibly be more desirable than ones first kiss.
The desperately lustful last few seconds one must subject themselves to, before contact.
Before all manner of excellence is experienced.
Close your eyes, my darling.
And let us believe that we are anywhere other than here.

And I will kiss you 'till my lips are sore.
'Till my body begs no more, yet goes unheard by my mind.

So may I, darling, show you the greatest show that you will ever see?
Indeed, The world, as it performs for you & me.